Buy a Two Block Sculpture

Use the form below to reach out to the Downtown Carlisle Association and get your Ice Art Fest Sculpture, Showcase Sculpture or Entertainment Sponsorship!

Size: 40" W X 40" H

  • Designs can be based on themes, characters, animals, food, etc.
  • 3D carved designs work best, they are bold and will last the longest
  • Intricate, delicate or complex designs will not hold up as well
  • Lettering can be engraved into the ice
  • Logo designs can be submitted to us so we can best explain how they will work in the ice
  • All sculptures are presented in a 15" platform covered in black linen
  • No Ice will be placed in front of plate glass windows
2 block football trophy
2 Block Cross
2 Block Diamond
2 block Football logo

DOUBLE BLOCK PRICE:     $600 each

Simply fill in the Ice Art Fest Participation Contract when you know how you would like to participate. If you want to be a part of the Carlisle Ice Festival and have any questions, suggestions, concerns, or comments, please contact committee head, Larenda Twigg, Manager of The Carlisle Vault, at 717-382-8588 or at

Download a print version of this information HERE