Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:   Why should I purchase a sculpture?

A:   The Ice Arts Fest is a grand event for Carlisle and our surrounding communities. It also draws visitors from many states. Yes, really!  We discovered there are Ice Fest “groupies” who travel great distances to attend. An Ice Sculpture in front of your business will not only show your support of downtown and the event, but will also draw attention to your business.  Visitors will stop to view it, take photos, and may come into your business that day or in the future. Many of the shops and restaurants have told us they do more business on this day than any other day of the year. It is a way to attract business during the coldest part of the year when businesses usually have a slump. That’s a good reason to participate!

Q:  How is the price set for the Ice Sculptures? 

A:  The basic price is set by Ice Concepts. Our cost to run the Ice Arts Fest are also included.  Our costs include overhead, administrative costs, advertising, printing, insurance, security, removal of sculptures, and such.

Q:  Can I pick the design of my Ice Sculpture? 

A:   Yes. If Ice Concepts cannot design or carve what you want, someone will contact you to discuss alternatives.  You can also look on Ice Concepts website for ideas.

Q:  What if another business picks the same design that I picked?

A:  The committee reviews the designs to make sure we have no duplicates. If we have two businesses that want the same thing, we would discuss alternatives with you and Ice Concepts.

Q:  Can I contact Ice Concepts directly to discuss my sculpture?

A:  They prefer to work through the committee and not field individual calls. Please contact the committee to discuss any ideas and issues. The committee or sculptors will contact you with any questions. Due to Ice Concept’s busy schedule in December and January, all questions about sculptures need to be submitted by November 30th.

Q: Can I see a sketch of my sculpture before the event?

A:  No, sketches are provided for festival art pieces.  The volume of sculpture makes it time and cost prohibitive for sketches to be provided of designs.  The sculptors will take the theme you request for your sculpture and find the best way to translate it into ice.  You will only be contacted about your sculpture design if there are any questions or to avoid duplication in the design.

Q:  What is the best type of sculpture for me to get?

A:  The best sculpture is one that will connect with your customer base and the community. The sculpture may represent your business in some way (food, plumbing equipment, hardware, musical instruments have all made nice sculpture.  But the most shared photos on social media often have no direct connection to the business with cartoons, pop culture images, and fantasy/fairytale characters having been some of the most talked about sculptures from our past events.

We also recommend interactive sculptures. For example, the Ice Throne on the square is probably one of the most photographed sculptures. Sculptures, where you put your face in the cutout space (such as picture frames, cars, jail cell, beard, clown) have been very popular. Also, ice games, such as corn hole and tic tac toe, are great interactive designs that help increase sharing of your sculpture on social media and attention to your design.

Q:  My business is not in the downtown area?  How will a sculpture benefit me?

A:  If you are in the downtown C1 festival area, and want your sculpture in front of your business, the committee will work with you to find a safe spot beside your business. If you are not in the downtown area, we do have several common areas where sculptures can be placed. For instance, the courtyard in the new pocket park held about eight sculptures last year. It made for a great display and attracted much attention.  All sculpture locations and sponsors will be listed on the map!

Q:  Can I purchase a joint sculpture with another business?

A:  Yes, if both parties agree on the design and mutual location, you can share a sculpture.

Q:   Are the sculptures lit at night?

A:  Yes, the lighting is included in the price.

Q:  Why do you remove the sculptures immediately after the event?

A:  Our event insurance ends when the event ends. For liability purposes all sculptures and stands must be removed on the last day of the festival.

Q:   Can I keep my sculpture after the event is over?

A:   We do not recommend it.  The sculpture will not be covered under our event insurance.  It will be your liability and responsibility.  Also, Ice Concepts puts the sculptures on blocks when they deliver them.  They will remove the blocks when the event ends, so your sculpture will be significantly lower and sitting directly on the sidewalk. They will also remove the lights.

Q:  How do I get my event for the weekend included the festival program? 

A:  We encourage individual businesses to submit ideas for events on the weekend during festival hours. In order to be included in the printed schedule of events, all information on the time and location of your activity must be submitted to the committee by November 30th. Additional one-line of text on event schedule for any special event you are hosting at your place of business. This does not include special sale or giveaway information but only events and activities such as craft activities, game, music, book signings, exhibition, etc.

Non-profits may submit their event ideas for consideration by the committee for complimentary inclusion.

There will be a $50.00 charge to list events on the printed festival schedule for business who do not purchase an ice sculpture. Listing of events on the website will be free.

Q:  How do you deter vandalism? 

A:  We hire security to patrol during the night and the Carlisle Borough police are also on patrol.

Q:   What can I do to keep my sculpture from melting if we have a warm, sunny day or if it rains?

A:  You can put a canopy over your sculpture, or have it placed in a shady spot (if you have one) in front of your building.


Q:  Do I have to put the cover on every night? 

A:  When the sculptures are delivered, Ice Concepts does place an insulated cover on them.  PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE COVERS. The removal of the covers will be done by volunteers from the committee and will be synchronized with the opening ceremony. The covers will be placed back on around 11:00 pm by security IF the temperature dictates. Ice Concepts advises security on the need for covers overnight.