Buy a Multi Block or and Interactive Design

Use the form below to reach out to the Downtown Carlisle Association and get your Ice Art Fest Sculpture, Showcase Sculpture or Entertainment Sponsorship!

Multi Block and Interactive Designs
Size: Varies from 3 blocks to 20 blocks

  • Price per block dependant on if facade or carved display
  • Ice Bar  $2500
  • Ice Throne  $1500
  • Ice Slide $5000
  • Other ideas include:
    Car facade, Eskimos, Motorcycle, Igloo, among others
  • Games include Cornhole branded with your logo.

Call us to discuss ideas and get pricing.

ice slide

Simply fill in the Ice Art Fest Participation Contract when you know how you would like to participate. If you want to be a part of the Carlisle Ice Festival and have any questions, suggestions, concerns, or comments, please contact committee head, Larenda Twigg, Manager of The Carlisle Vault, at 717-382-8588 or at

Download a print version of this information HERE